Who We Are

The Women’s Cancer Foundation was established in 1996 to raise funds for research into ovarian cancer. We have raised millions of dollars to fund researchers looking for more effective ways to treat and care for women suffering with ovarian cancer...because sadly, 2 out of 3 Australian women diagnosed with ovarian cancer will die.  

Our goal is to reduce the mortality rate from this malignancy, by:

  • Working on a vaccine for ovarian cancer
  • Engaging in international clinical trials;
  • Finding ways to reverse resistance to cancer drugs;
  • Researching how best to use a woman's own immune system to combat the disease.
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Current Research

We need three things to look after our patients properly—the right team of people to care for them, the right bricks and mortar to house them and best research to improve their outcomes.

Research is time consuming, expensive and demanding. Research is also a team effort involving patients, research nurses, chemotherapy nurses, laboratory staff, data managers, fundraising staff and last, but not least, doctors who are interested and committed to improving quality care.

The WCF continually strive to make a difference that will be long lasting. Fundraising for research is the tool we use to make that difference. Please support us.

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