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The Women's Cancer Research Centre

The Women’s Cancer Foundation is the main supporter of laboratory and clinical research at the Women’s Cancer Research Centre. Funds raised are all community based. 

Currently they require $400,000 per year to keep their laboratories going and $150,000 to support cancer drug trial development.

The WCRC need three things to look after patients properly ... the right team of people to care for them, the right bricks and mortar to house them and best research to improve their outcomes.

Research is time consuming, expensive and demanding. Research is also a team effort involving patients, research nurses, chemotherapy nurses, laboratory staff, data managers, secretarial staff and last, but not least, doctors who are interested and committed to improving quality care.

The WCRC continually strive to make a difference that will be long lasting. Research is the tool used to make that difference. They are currently involved in six trials in ovarian cancer, two trials in cancer of the womb and one trial in the management of abnormal smears. The WRCC have a very active research lab investigating resistance to chemotherapy, and a major collaboration with the Monash University in immune aspects of cancer.

But more needs to be done! Please support us; help us raise the much needed funds required to continue this important ovarian cancer research.

2 out of 3 women diagnosed with ovarian cancer will die.
Help us turn the tide.