Jane's Story

I first experienced abdominal pain in a yoga session. The pain gradually became sharper so I thought it best to go and see a doctor just in case.  The doctor felt a mass in my abdominal area which was similar in size to that of a five month pregnant belly.

It all happened so fast and I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in late October 2011. After locating the tumour I was sent straight into surgery in November where they were able to remove the whole thing intact. All diseased cells were encapsulated within the tumour which was a good sign. The cells however displayed traits of gastrointestinal cells, so initially, rather than an ovarian cancer, they suspected it to be secondary cancer from somewhere else.

In January 2012 after six weeks of tests and scans, I got the final diagnosis that it was a rare subtype of an ovarian primary cancer, and that the chances of that had actually only been about 3%. It was stage one so thanks to this early detection, and my prognosis being extremely positive, I didn’t need to do any treatment such as chemotherapy.

Considering that two in three women don’t survive ovarian cancer, and early detection is the only measure we have against the disease and it's mortality rates, if I hadn’t addressed the symptoms when I did I probably wouldn’t be here today.

I was also extremely lucky that the tumour was able to be removed intact, with no apparent spread.  I was extra lucky that my fertility remained intact. And because of that, today I am so pleased to introduce our new family member, Frank Maclaren Lucas, born 15th October, 2014, weighing 3.82kg!

Andrew and I are so grateful for the wonderful care from all the medical professionals we encountered along this journey.  We look forward to a continued healthy prognosis, and hopefully, better results for all women diagnosed with ovarian cancer now and in the future.

Jane Lucas


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2 out of 3 women diagnosed with ovarian cancer will die.
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