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'Teal pants' campaign 2016

The vision of 'teal pants' evolved after a discussion held at 38,000 feet between Michael Taranto and Duncan McPherson OAM as a way of aligning the charity they passionately support with the industry they love.  With a handful of ladies in teal pants in 2014, embraced wholeheartedly by Harness Racing Victoria, and led on the track by driver Jodi Quinlan, whose mother has a personal experience with ovarian cancer, the ‘teal pants' story began ...

In 2016 the initiative expanded, and between 1 February and 12 March 2016, all reinswomen in Victoria, New South Wales and Canberra wore teal driving pants, with Harness Racing Victoria, Harness Racing NSW and Canberra Harness Racing Club pledging $200 each time they crossed the line first in their respective meets, matched by corporate partner Tabcorp who ensured awareness reached all corners of Australia, New Zealand and internationally through SKY.

We're thrilled to announce the results of 'team teal' for 2016:

  • 91 wins in Victoria resulting in $36,400
  • 90 wins in New South Wales resulting in $36,000 - see feature story here
  • 3 wins in Canberra resulting in $1,200

We're also grateful that 'teal pants' was embraced by the harness racing community, including but not limited to:

  • 6 wins by Emma Turnbull resulted in $8,880 ($20 from 74 sponsors engaged by Emma in Bathurst) - read more about Emma Turnbull's oustanding efforts here
  • on track fundraising by Scotch Notch Club resulted in $3,876
  • a donation of driving fees and training percentages in Victoria resulted in $3,597
  • 17 wins by McCarthy Racing resulted in $3,400 ($50 from McCarthy and $150 from Harness Racing New South Wales) - read more about Belinda McCathy's engagement here
  • a donation by Tabcorp Park Menangle of $3,000
  • donations by McCarthy Racing owners resulted in $1,850
  • engagement of Westfund by Emma Turnbull resulted in $1,000
  • a donation by Association of Victorian Country Harness Racing Clubs of $1,000
  • a donation of stake money earned in New South Wales resulted in $600
  • a collection by pony trots girls in Mt Gambier resulted in $306

The 'teal pants' campaign generates amazing exposure for our Foundation.  If you would like to contribute personally to this initiative click here to donate and show the lady drivers your support and all women dealing with a diagnosis that we aim to #GetRealSupportTeal.

Click here to check out the amazing advertisement developed by our talented supporters which aired on SKY during the campaign.

Click here to meet our proud campaign ambassadors.

Click here to view images of the campaign. ** Coming soon **

Click here to read about Night at the Trots held on 12 March 2016 to celebrate the end of the campaign.



2 out of 3 women diagnosed with ovarian cancer will die.
Help us turn the tide.