• Every 10 hours, a woman in Australia dies of ovarian cancer
  • One in 70 women develop ovarian cancer in their lifetime; 1400 of these women will be Australian
  • Many women believe a Pap Smear will test for ovarian cancer... it doesn't
  • Out of the 1400 Australian women diagnosed every year, only 20% of these women will survive for longer than five years, compared to breast cancer which has an 80% survival rate

The Women's Cancer Foundation needs your help to turn these figures around.

We're engaging in international clinical trials to find ways to reverse resistance to chemotherapy and how to use a woman's own immune system to combat the disease. But we need your's the support of individuals and sponsorships that allow us to keep doing this very important work.

Please help us, so that we can support women suffering with ovarian cancer.

2 out of 3 women diagnosed with ovarian cancer will die.
Help us turn the tide.